Friday, 24 July 2015

#BringBackPaper Stationery Swap Goodies!

So...I am SO new to this world of #HappyMail and #BringBackPaper etc but I have already been SUPER SUPER lucky to receive a WONDERFUL package from my Stationery Swap partner, Hannah

Pictures paint a thousand words.....just look at the CUTE!!

Washi tape decorated Jiffy Bag of Joy ....

Greetings cards, stickers, and 3 delightful yellow polka dot paper bags....

One pretty paper bag contained postcards and luggage tags.....perfect for smash booking / journaling

Next pretty bag had MY FIRST EVER two washi tapes - OH THE JOY :) :)

Third polka dot bag had some sticky notes and a clear stamp........VERY LUCKY GIRL :) :)

My thoughts exactly.... this is how to make new friends for SURE........

If you would like to swap #HappyMail with me do get in touch :)


  1. So pleased you liked the items I sent you Laura. It was great having you as my swap partner x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words Hannah xxx